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is highly sought after around the world. No other region in Asia has the ability to produce such an interesting and artistic range of products for the home. Balinese furniture is still mostly made by hand and its imperfections and character beautiful. As Manufacturers and Sourcing Agents we have the privilege of offering our valued customers a diverse and vast range of furniture designs at competitive prices.  Our designs are unique and also timeless. Register today to view our extensive catalogue. We work with a number of highly reputable suppliers from around Indonesia to ensure that we can supply a diverse range of quality products. Those of you who are buying your furniture and decor items from Bali – you really need to speak to us as we can save you thousands of dollars in shipping costs.

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Bali Industrial Rustic Teak Furniture
Industrial Teak Furniture Indonesia

On trend for 2022-2023, Industrial Rustic furniture compliments a variety of decor designs. This range of furniture is produced from recycled or rusticated teak and paired up with steel. Sourced from Java and beyond. Some of the items listed in this section come from schools, old hotels and bars. Re-purposed and renewed. We also work with craftsmen who recycle and re-purpose used steel oil drums into amazing industrial designs. Recycled and re-purposed to use what industry has discarded and then it is turned into sturdy and unique furniture and furnishings.

Natural Teak Root Furniture

Our Teak Root furniture is produced from fallen teak trees and re-cycled into some beautiful unique pieces of furniture. In days gone by, these teak roots would normally have been burnt or discarded. Our catalogue has a wonderful selection of tables, , occasional furniture and bench's.  Teak root wood has a natural durability and oils which in turn means that it can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings. Externally, the rich golden tone weathers to more of a silver shade. Each each piece is handcrafted and totally unique. Wholesale prices assured.

Boatwood Furniture Lounge

As the name suggests, our Boat Wood Range is constructed from discarded planks from fishing boats that no are no longer in service.  The boards are retained in their in their original state and re-claimed. Their distinct finishes are kept in tact while the cleaning, sealing and straightening  are completed.  Local artisans then choose the best pieces of wood by checking the structual intregrity of each piece before setting off to create one off unique pieces of furniture.   Our catalogue offers both traditional and industrial designs.  This range is so colorful and interesting.

Scandinavian Dining Suite Setting

Retro style furniture is currently more popular than ever, either as a curated look or a blast from the past mixed in with other genres.Modernistic designs that emerged in the mid-20th century have been reborn in today's modern interior designs.
Its simplicity and functionality trumps complex fleeting design trends. And the beauty of this style is that it can seamlessly be mixed up with other periods and styles.

Bali Suar Bench and Dining Table

Similar in visual style to Teak, Suar wood furniture is also known for its beauty and durability. However, because of its affordability and sustainability, suar wood is often used to create economical versions of Teak furniture. Unique to Suar are slightly more exaggerated grain patterns and thick slab top that can create some of the most stunning pieces of eye-catching Suar wood furniture. Suar wood furniture is also more sustainable than Teak furniture.  Be assured our Suar is 100% Kiln Dried.

Teak Lifestyle Furniture


Fuzen Decor Bali  and fine craftsmanship go hand in hand. Our furniture is not the result of random mass production; human hands have lovingly created every rounded corner and joint. Our furniture quality is the result of generations of knowledge and skill. Unlike mass produced furniture our Lifestyle Range is an eclectic mix of contemporary, ethnic and Boho styles with inherent imperfections. No two pieces of furniture are exactly the same.  100% Kiln dried.


We are trade suppliers only and do not sell direct to the public sorry.
AUSTRALIAN BUYERS: We presently have an exclusive supply contract in place for Australia and are unable to supply any new customers at this time.  Have a great day.


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Made by hand - Eco Friendly - Organic Furniture and Homewares



Made by hand - Eco Friendly - Organic Furniture and Homewares

Furniture Bali Handicrafts

Fuzen Decor Bali are furniture manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters to the trade, of lovingly hand-crafted quality kiln dried Teak, , Mango, Sungkai, Mindi, Suar, Rattan wholesale indoor and outdoor furniture.

We have been exporting quality designer furniture to retailers and the hospitality sector for the past twenty five years.

Bali is famous for its unique artisan handicrafts, homewares and decor products. As a company, our goal is to support artisanal craft and those who produce it.  Our collection features a diverse range of traditional artisan techniques from Bali which are showcased in our cushions, throws, rugs, wall décor, wood carvings and lighting  produced from eco-friendly materials.

You have the ability to mix your containers with an amazing range of Furniture and Decor Products

Everything is recycled in Indonesia, nothing is left to waste. Each piece of furniture is unique and totally crafted by hand

Our range of mid century vintage style furniture is manufactured to the highest quality using the best materials .

We produce luxury handmade, elegant and sumptuous furniture in traditional, rustic, shabby chic and coastal designs. 

Our on-line catalogue boasts hundreds of unique and stunning eco-friendly designs. Hand made by Bali artisans.

Bali Suar Bench and Dining Table

Suar Slab

Suar furniture is still the number one timber for slab style furniture. Our kiln dried slab furniture range offers some stunning unique designs

We produce and export the latest designs in teak and synthetic rattan outdoor furniture. 

Rustic Teak Furniture Bali Balinese

Rustic Teak

Natural organic look and feel, our rustic teak furniture  offers the best and most extensive range available from Indonesia

Bali Fuzen Decor Showroom Teak Furniture Indoor and Outdoor

Retailers, Hotels, Motels and Resorts - Fuzen Decor Bali Your One Stop Business Partner

Balinese Handicrafts, Homewares and Decor Products

Bali Handicrafts 1

Boho Bali

Balinese Handicrafts are highly sought after worldwide because everything is still made by hand utilising natural materials.

bali handicrafts 2

Carved by hand

Individual villages in Bali are dedicated to one specific handicraft craftsmanship be it wood or stone carving

Rattan Lighting Bali


Made from natural locally sourced materials. Nothing gets wasted in Bali most everything is recycled into beautiful decor pieces

Balinese Cushions


Every day the Balinese are busy designing and producing new products to meet international decor trends and demands. 

Bali carved statues


Our catalogue is full of hundreds of amazing, unique handicrafts and homewares . Register today to access our  on-line catalogue

Our massive on-line catalog offers retailers and the hospitality sectors the ability to mix containers with both furniture and decor products.

Retailers, Hotels, Resorts and Interior Designers we are your one stop solution when looking for a reputable furniture who understands your quality expectations.

We offer our customers the ability to mix your containers with a exclusive and diverse range of furniture and home decor products. Register today to view our amazing on-line catalogue filled with the latest furniture and handicraft products available from Indonesia.

The home of Tropical, Balinese and Tulum Style Furniture and Decor products

When your hotel or resort need an aesthetic that embraces the beauty of nature then we should be your first call. Our range of handmade furniture and decor products produced from natural materials will give your project that bohemian tropical feel and look.


Wood sourced from sustainable forests lovingly handcrafted into unique  furniture utilizing a mix of natural textures and aesthetics.



Wood, rattan, bamboo, seagrass, water hyacinth, stone, terracotta, leather and cotton are essential in the creation of a truely serene bohemian paradise.

Tulum Style Furniture Wholesale Bali


Our massive on-line catalogue offers our customers an amazing and diverse range of furniture and decor products therefore enabling you to create a tropical sanctuary



Our durable teak outdoor furniture range offers the latest in design and quality complimenting resorts wanting to provide the ulitimate tropical feel.

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You need to find a company that offers an amazing diverse range of furniture and homewares catalogue. That's where we come in. We have done all the hard work for you. We have long standing relationships with a number of homewares and rattan manufacturers.

Manufacturer Wholesale Furniture

We manufacture our solid teak, mahogany, suar, mindi and mango wood furniture which means we can offer our customers wholesale prices on quality handmade kiln dried furniture. But with our company our trade customers have the ability to mix their containers with a wide assortment of furniture and decor products.


Over the past twenty years we have developed solid relationships with Indonesian and International shipping companies. We can assist you with all your container logistics from Indonesia to your nearest port.

All Furniture Products are 100% Legal FLEGT Timber Certified


One of the few woods in the world containing a natural oil which repels watermaking Teak the number one choice for outdoor furniture.


Has a beautiful fine grain which is strong and distinctive. Mahogany is used in our French Provincial and Reproduction ranges.


Suar Wood is strong, durable with a light yellow sapwood and rich dark chocolate-brown heartwood. Poplular for thick slab furniture.

Mango Wood

Is classed as a hardwood because of its strength and density. Full of character due to its intense grain and of course very durable.

We use only the best materials and finishing products
When buying furniture from Bali or Java you need to be aware that there are three different quality levels. There are quite a few importers who have vowed never to buy  again. And there is a reason for that!! Buyers jump into a car in Bali and drive around buying furniture from the side of the road at very cheap prices. They are unaware that they are buying furniture made from illegal, wet, untreated, young teak/mahogany sap wood. This furniture is meant for local consumption only. Level 2 furniture is made from B/C teak/Mahogany, kiln dried and sourced legally. Level 3 and the most expensive is Grade A Teak.