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As Manufacturers and Exporters of Reproduction Furniture produced from kiln dried wood we ensure that rigid quality standards are met during all process’s of production. We also keep abreast of trend changes and have started to produce our carved furniture from Rustic Teak Wood which gives the buyer a French Rustic Boho look.

Nowadays, a more eclectic range of furniture styles have become sought after. One can mix reproductions belonging to different eras, or just combine modern furniture with several reproduction pieces. This is why our customers come back to us time and again, our diverse range of furniture products satisfy a wide buying demographic. Mix these stunning decor pieces with our rustic ranges and you have an amazing retail floor. Your container does not to need be limited to one design.  

•Boho •Classic •Shabby Chic •Hamptons •Distressed •French Provincial

Indonesia French Provincial Chairs, Sofa, Tables, Accent, Beds


Consumers value things that are authentic and have a sense of handcrafted individuality in an tech-obsessed world.

With Fuzen Decor Bali you have the option to offer your customers a large range of handcrafted furniture in all the latest trends both in material, design and color.

Indonesia sofa's and chairs
Reproduction French Provincial Furniture
Traditional French Provincial Designs
Reproduction Dining Suites French Provincial
Manufacturers French Provincial Bedroom Furniture

Our French style is a timeless favourite that blends elegant carved and curved lines with natural or washed distressed teak.  Then add complimentary accents like rattan or the latest Burlap Hessian fabrics and you have something special.

The special thing about Indonesia unlike Countries that mass produce this style of furniture is that it is still made by hand using generations old techniques at very competitive wholesale prices.

Each piece is unique and is produced from Kiln dried, sustainable or Teak. 

French Provincial Teak Distressed Table
Farmhouse dining table iNDONESIA
Teak Pedastal Table French

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