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For Special Projects: As all our furniture and decor items are handmade we have have the ability to produce individual bespoke creations. Indonesia is where design, craftsmanship and manual engineering skills come together to craft and sculpt our client’s ideas into beautiful pieces of furniture for their homes.

Commercial:Technologies and manufacturing techniques were once responsible for driving new trends in furniture design however the hottest trend right now is lovingly handcrafted items made from natural, textural materials. Mass produced furniture cannot give your resort that warm and exotic feeling or decor. Even though our products are handmade we are still able to design and produce large quantities in acceptable time frames whilst meeting your exact quality standards. 

Bali Bespoke Furniture
Bali Hotel Motel Resort and Hospitality suppliers manufacturers

Be assured that we only source our furniture items from manufacturers who have obtained the V- Legal Certification.

What is V-Legal: The V-Legal documents, which is compulsory for all timber exports from Indonesia, are issued by an independently accredited Indonesian Timber Legality Verification Body and form part of its Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK) legality verification system. The latter now covers 7 million ha of productive forest, 326 timber factories and has 300 independent auditors trained to assess forests and companies against its legality definition

Technical Drawings Furniture
Technical Drawings Furniture