Rattan Pendant Lighting

Over the past year, we have seen a huge jump in the demand for Balinese rattan pendant lights. I think that is because our craftsmen are so artistic and can adapt to changing trends quickly. It also helps that they produce a quality product at very reasonable prices. The designs have become more Boho and a little more complex. I am really loving these huge tribal shades that stand 130cm high creating a wonderful practical decor piece. At night these pendants just sparkle.

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Tribal Rattan Pendants

The wonderful thing about our is that it is made by hand by villagers scattered around Bali.

Rattan and Cane Lighting

Bali Rattan Furniture – Eco Friendly Interior Design Solution

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The world is going green these days. We’re all starting to become more environmentally conscious, which is a good thing. Rattan is one of the best options for those after environmentally-friendly furniture and decor products. 

Rattan goes so well in most design concepts. 

Please keep in mind that  is not made for outdoor spaces. It is best used under cover or indoors unlike Wicker furniture which will survive all weather conditions.  Wicker has different unique characteristics from rattan. Rattan on the other hand has the ability to be shaped and formed in exclusive and unique designs unlike Wicker. Natural Rattan has a beauty and elegance that compliments most interiors, so if you are looking for an amazing range of rattan furniture you need to contact us today to view our massive on-line catalogue.

Bali Furniture

Bali Suar Dining Suite

Natural by Design

Bali artisans create furniture utilising the  the natural textures and colors of the countryside as their inspiration, creating solid wood must haves.

Bali Carved Furniture

Natural by Nature

Balinese style is replicating the island’s high regard for quality craftsmanship. Often, skillful art trades are passed down through generations.

Bali Suar Coffee Tables

Sustainable Decor

Bali is  an incredible source of interior design inspiration. A clever fusion of contemporary minimalism and natural coastal elements, Bali has a unique look that feels tropical yet chic.

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Bali – Indonesia’s Showroom To The World

Gone are the minimalist interior designs of yesterday. Now is the time of the “Bali Boho”. The world is hungry for eco-friendly, fair trade furniture and home wares and Bali is in the forefront of meeting those needs both in design innovation and supply.

Indonesia is not like China when producing furniture or home wares because everything is still made by hand in small villages or co-op’s scattered throughout Indonesia’s vast archipelago. There are a few factories producing furniture by machine but the vast majority of the furniture is still lovingly made by hand. We have been exporting Indonesian furniture and homewares for over twenty years and still to today I love watching an artisan or a carpenter creating an amazing piece of furniture or décor piece outback of his small home accompanied by his wife, children, chickens and cows. He stands tall with pride when we discuss his workmanship and where his creation to going to. His excitement is evident when he hears that his newly produced cabinet will grace the home of a family in Europe. You can be assured that most artisans make about the same or more percentage in profits as any Western Country. A carpenter will not sell to you if he is not going to make a profit. So fair trade is fairly commonplace in Indonesia.
Gone are the minimalist interior designs of yesterday. Now is the time of the “Bali Boho”. The world is hungry for eco-friendly, fair trade furniture and home wares and Bali is in the forefront of meeting those needs both in design innovation and supply.

When buying furniture from Indonesia it is important to remember that there are three different quality levels. Many buyers hop off a plane in Bali, get into a car and drive around buying furniture from the side of the road because the prices are just so reasonable. They then get into trouble later when they can’t provide the legal wood documentation that proves that the furniture is produced from legal wood. You cannot clear a container in any Western country without this documentation. The other problem comes later when the wood cracks or borer start appearing. Eighty per cent of the furniture found in Bali is produced in Java. Now we come to the part where “Bali is the showroom for all things Indonesian”. Believe it or not, a lot of buyers come to Bali and don’t realise that Bali is part of Indonesia. They think that everything showcased in Kuta and Seminyak originates from Bali.  The first thing to understand is that Indonesia has specific area’s where a certain genre of product is produced; that also includes Bali.