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Sourced from Java and Bali, Indonesian antique furniture can magically transform any room or exterior space by adding a special warmth and an instant touch of the exotic. The timeless beauty and versatility of Balinese and Javanese antique furniture is such that it can work extremely well in almost any interior or garden design.

We need to add a disclaimer here: Antique furniture changes daily as we sell our products. The photo’s in this category are indicative  of the styles that we have sold in the past.

Bali Antique Rustic Bench
Bali Antique Carved Bench
Indonesian Antique Carved Furniture, Door, Fittings

Architecturally Javanese and Balinese carved panels and doors are not only are they functional but they are a work of art.  We work with a a number of suppliers who between them offer a large selection of original teak wood Joglo beams, teak wood pillars, teak wood carvings and old teak wood doors, and many of these antique pieces have the original paint still on them.  Original architectural elements and teak wood carvings are becoming scarce throughout Indonesia.

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Antique Cabinets

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Antique Sideboards

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Antique Box's

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Bali Daybeds

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Bali Teak and Resin Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor synthetic is a highly popular outdoor product as it can withstand the forces of nature and still look amazing. Minimalist in design it compliments most decors. Made from lightweight aluminum framing and covered in a synthetic plastic rattan weave. Available in a large range of colors which hold fast for a long period of time and barely fade. As these products are handmade, we can of course produce customized shapes.

Reclaimed Outdoor furniture Teak
Recycled Reclaimed Teak Outdoor Bali

Reclaimed Teak Outdoor Range

We also manufacture outdoor furniture from reclaimed teak to meet the needs of those looking for outdoor furniture with more character than a-grade teak or any other wood that you would use to construct outdoor furniture with. Each piece has its own unique character and the inherent imperfections are what make such an amazing outdoor statement piece of furniture. The look is really spectacular. Every scratch, indent, hole and knot tell a story. These unique pieces are versatile and will compliment many outdoor spaces.

Balinese Outdoor Teak

Reclaimed Teak Outdoor Range

We also manufacture outdoor furniture from reclaimed teak to meet the needs of those looking for outdoor furniture

Balinese Outdoor Teak

Each piece has its own unique character and the inherent imperfections are what make such an amazing outdoor statement piece of furniture. The distressed look is really spectacular. Every scratch, indent, hole and knot tell a story. These unique pieces are versatile and will compliment many outdoor spaces.





Teak is a durable hardwood, making it the perfect material for outdoor furniture that stands the test of time. Teak outdoor furniture has the ability to withstand all types of weather. There are not that many woods in the world that contain natural oils that repels water, thus preventing it from warping or cracking. We produce our outdoor teak from A grade and B/C grade teak. A grade is the best quality in as far as it has minimal grain variances, knots or imperfections. Recently however our customers have been requesting outdoor furniture in B/C Grades as they are looking for that variance in grain and the subtle imperfections of this grade.


Viro Wicker is resistant to the outdoor elements. The fibers are shaped and hand-woven onto aluminum frames creating durable and beautiful outdoor furniture. It is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Viro is able to handle the degradation that comes with UV rays and salt water. 

Rehau is an high-end material. It has the natural appearance of rattan and feels natural to the touch. Rehau is highly resistant to the outdoor elements as well as being environmentally friendly. Rehau is UV resistant, strong and durable.  a new addition on the world wide circuit of polyethylene materials. 


Whether on the deck or next to the pool, Sunbrella fabrics provide the ideal combination of fashion, durability, and weather resistance. No other fabric has such a great track record of performing beautifully outdoors for years on end. After all, Sunbrella is the pioneer in performance fabrics and is known for standing up to the heavy-duty demands of marine and awning use. 

Sunbrella outdoor fabrics are engineered to resist mold and mildew. Should exposure to dirt and debris cause mold and mildew to occur, all Sunbrella fabrics can be easily and safely cleaned with bleach. Traditional dyeing processes only leave color on the surface of fiber, so they easily fade. Sunbrella fibers are saturated to the core with highly UV-stable pigments, making Sunbrella fabrics resistant to fading and the degrading effects of sunlight.


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Fuzen Decor Bali are furniture manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of hand-crafted, quality wholesale Teak, Mahogany and Suar indoor and outdoor wooden furniture. Bali also offers an amazing range of unique artisan handicrafts and home-wares. Our greatest strength is our ability to offer our valued customers a diverse and extensive indoor and outdoor furniture and handicrafts catalogue with hundreds of unique furniture and home decor products. Balinese furniture and handicrafts and home-wares are the hottest design product of the year.

No longer are you restricted by a manufacturers limited design range and materials. We manufacture our teak, suar and  furniture ranges whilst also working with hundreds of suppliers across Indonesia to offer you the ability to mix your containers with an impressive range of unique and contemporary Rattan, Water Hyacinth, Abaca, Teak Root and . We are a one stop specialist for Retailers, Hotel, Motel and Resort Owners looking for Bali wooden furniture manufacturers


Bali Suar Slab Furniture Manufacturers


Bali Wood Handicrafts Suppliers Exporters

Balinese Handicrafts are highly sought after worldwide because everything is still made by hand utilising natural materials. Individual villages in Bali are dedicated to one specific handicraft craftsmanship. One village may be be known for its wood carving and teak furniture while in other areas you will see an abundance of paintings, stone carvings, batik, Bali jewelry or various forms of home decor. Having worked and built relationships with these villagers  for over twenty years we have the ability to offer our customers an amazing collection of unique and interesting products that can be mixed in your furniture containers.

Bali Timor Tribal Art Handicrafts Home Wares

Fuzen Decor manufacturers since 1996.. We have been exporting furniture manufactured from kiln dried Teak, , Mindi and Acacia for over twenty years. We are a family business and with our passionate team of local craftsman we create and manufacture furniture for the wholesale, retail and hospitality markets internationally. As manufacturers of kiln dried furniture we offer our customers unique handmade furniture.

Fuzen Decor Bali is a supplier and exporter of designer furniture that is inspired by nature and represents the ethnic culture of Indonesia and Bali. We utilise sustainable materials by using plantation and recycled timbers and natural – organic cane and rattan which is quite sort after for today’s modern interiors. We have also built strong relationships with hundreds of small supplier co-operatives throughout Indonesia;  this is reflected in our diverse and vast on-line catalog.

If your business is looking for wholesale furniture and decor products then you need to speak to us. As wholesalers of reproduction French Provincialretro, rustic, , recycled, natural cane, and home wares, we offer our customers a one stop shop solution. Our on-line catalog holds over two thousand products and still it is only a small representation of what is available for export from Bali and the rest of Indonesia.

Kiln Dried - 100% Legal FLEGT Timber Certification

We only use the best materials for your furniture

When buying furniture from Bali or Java you need to be aware that there are three different quality levels. There are quite a few importers who have vowed never to buy Indonesian furniture again. And there is a reason for that!! Buyers jump into a car in Bali and drive around buying furniture from the side of the road at very cheap prices. They are unaware that they are buying furniture made from illegal, wet, untreated, young teak/mahogany sap wood. This furniture is meant for local consumption only. Level 2 furniture is made from B/C teak/Mahogany, kiln dried and sourced legally. Level 3 and the most expensive is Grade A Teak.

We use a variety of shippers, we would recommend Global Putra Internaional as they have proven to be the most professional shipper on the Island of Bali that we have dealt with. They offer a complete service with regard to shipping your goods home to you. We do not sell LCL. Our minimum order quantity is a 20ft container. Should you purchase a partial container whilst shopping in Bali then these are the people to talk to.

Contact Person: Wully Wulandara  Mobile: +62 811 388 520
Phone: +62 361 720161

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