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Made by hand - Eco Friendly - Organic Furniture and Homewares

You have the ability to mix your containers with an amazing, diverse range of Furniture and Decor Products

Crafted entirely by hand, our artisans expertly transform raw teak roots into functional and artistic furniture. 

Our range of mid century vintage style furniture is manufactured to the highest quality using the best materials.

Suar furniture is still the number one timber for slab style furniture. Our kiln dried slab furniture range offers some stunning unique designs

Teak is known for its exceptional strength and resistance to weather conditions and forms the foundation of our designer outdoor furniture range. 

Our catalog offers the largest designer range of Boho, Tulum and Rustic style quality indoor furniture available in Indonesia. 

With a natural organic look and feel, our teak antique pieces are the epitome of sophistication and tustic charm.

Embrace the tactile sensation of handwoven textiles, woven from natural materials such as rattan, flax, cotton and bamboo. 

Our skilled artisans pour their heart and soul into every intricate detail, infusing their creations with a distinct sense of character and elegance.


Our collection of eco-friendly decor products are meticulously crafted with a strong commitment to sustainability and environment.


From intricately carved wood sculptures to intricately woven rattan baskets, each piece tells a story of tradition and innovation.

Made by Hand

Discover the beauty and uniqueness of our handmade and embroidered cushions, throws, and linen


Embracing diversity means offering something for everyone. That's why our collection spans a massive range of products, ensuring there's something to suit every taste and need.

We offer our customers the ability to mix your containers with a exclusive and diverse range of furniture and home decor products. Register today to view our amazing on-line catalogue filled with the latest furniture and handicraft products available from Indonesia.

The home of Tropical, Balinese and Tulum Style Furniture and Decor products

When your hotel or resort need an aesthetic that embraces the beauty of nature then we should be your first call. Our range of handmade furniture and decor products produced from natural materials will give your project that bohemian tropical feel and look.

Wood sourced from sustainable forests lovingly handcrafted into unique  furniture utilizing a mix of natural textures and aesthetics.



Wood, rattan, bamboo, seagrass, water hyacinth, stone, terracotta, leather and cotton are essential in the creation of a truely serene bohemian paradise.

Tulam Balinese Tropical Furniture Design


Our massive on-line catalogue offers our customers an amazing and diverse range of furniture and decor products therefore enabling you to create a tropical sanctuary


Our durable teak outdoor furniture range offers the latest in design and quality complimenting resorts wanting to provide the ulitimate tropical feel.

How we can help –

Importing furniture
and handicrafts
from Bali is
very easy.


You need to find a company that offers an amazing diverse range of furniture and homewares catalogue. That's where we come in. We have done all the hard work for you. We have long standing relationships with a number of homewares and rattan manufacturers.

Manufacturer Wholesale Furniture

#1 Supplier and Manufacturer. Your one-stop wholesale destination for the finest quality handmade furniture. As a leading manufacturer of solid teak, mahogany, suar, mindi, and mango wood furniture, we take pride in offering our customers exceptional value for their money and the latest designs in Boho, Japandi, Tulum, Classic and Rustic Solid wood furniture.


Over the past twenty years we have developed solid relationships with Indonesian and International shipping companies. We can assist you with all your container logistics from Indonesia to your nearest port.

Eco Friendly Ethical Timber Sourcing

At Fuzen Decor Bali, timber sustainability and eco-friendly sourcing practices are at the core of our values. We are dedicated to utilizing renewable resources for a more sustainable future. Our teak is responsibly sourced from plantations in Indonesia, ensuring the highest quality while protecting the environment. We have stringent requirements in place to verify the authenticity and quality of our teak furniture, only using timber from sustainable plantations in our manufacturing process. For every tree we harvest, we plant more to preserve the ecological balance. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our production methods, where zero waste is our goal. We repurpose waste materials such as leftover logs, wood, and sawdust, using them for fuel, pellets, and other purposes to minimize our carbon footprint.

All Furniture Products are 100% Legal FLEGT Timber Certified