Bali-Indonesia’s Showroom To The World

Introducing Bali Furniture Indonesia's Showroom to the world: Gone are the minimalist interior designs of yesterday. Now is the time of the “Bali Boho”. The world is hungry for eco-friendly, fair trade furniture and home wares, and Bali is at the forefront of meeting those needs with design innovation and supply. Unlike China, where mass production dominates, everything in Indonesia is still made by hand in small villages or co-ops scattered throughout the vast archipelago. While there are a few factories using machines, the majority of furniture is lovingly crafted by skilled artisans.
With over twenty years of experience in exporting and homewares, we take great pride in showcasing the incredible talents of these artisans. We personally witness the dedication and passion of craftsmen as they create stunning pieces of furniture or decor in their humble homes, often surrounded by their families, chickens, and cows. These artisans share in the profits, ensuring fair trade practices are commonplace in Indonesia.
It's important to note that not all furniture in Bali meets the same quality standards. Many buyers make the mistake of purchasing furniture from vendors on the roadside without considering the legal wood documentation required in Western countries. Without this documentation, clearing a container becomes impossible. Moreover, some furniture may suffer from wood cracks or borer infestations. Thus, it is crucial to understand that a significant portion of furniture found in Bali is produced in Java rather than Bali itself.
“Bali is the showroom for all things Indonesian,” serving as a gateway to the diverse range of products originating from across the country. Visitors often overlook the fact that Bali is part of Indonesia and mistakenly believe that everything showcased in Kuta and Seminyak exclusively comes from Bali. Indonesia has distinct areas specialized in different genres of products, and our showroom aims to represent the varied craftsmanship and design traditions found throughout the archipelago. Embrace the “Bali Boho” movement and explore our eco-friendly, fair trade furniture and home wares, connecting with the essence of Indonesian artistry.

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