We imported furniture Bali last year and nearly everything cracked we to import again because the furniture is just beautiful but don’t want these problems again. Why did this happen and can you help?

The sad thing is that people come to Bali and buy furniture off the side of the road for very cheap prices. The reason is that this furniture is cheap because this is illegal and wet wood that will crack within twelve months. There are different qualities of Teak in Indonesia. The first is illegal teak trees that are still young and the tree is only about 10cm round, it has not matured and the wood still has a lot of sap. This is dangerous for people wanting high quality outdoor furniture. For indoor furniture it is okay but will crack quickly. For those of you that need FLEGT certification this furniture will meet the import regulations of most developed countries. The Second level of Teak is the BC which is fine to be used indoor and has interesting grain but it needs to be kiln dried so that it doesn’t crack. The high level of teak is Grade A which should be the only grade you buy if you are purchasing outdoor furniture as it will last a lifetime because the grain has minimal sap.