Do you have a minimum order quantity

Yes for all our furniture products the minimum order quantity is a 20ft container. We have no minimum order quantity per design of furniture so you can mix your container with a large variety of products. Our minimum order quantity for handicrafts and homewares is $5,000USD

Resort Furniture Supplier. Do you supply hotel resort furniture?

We do supply smaller resorts and boutique hotels. Larger contracts of more than 50 rooms we do not supply unless there is a lead time of around six months. We work with a lot of resorts who are looking for the Bali feel. The wonderful thing about our company is that we not only produce our own teak and furniture but we work with hundreds of suppliers throughout Indonesia to supply , boat wood furniture, teak root furniture.

Bali Garden Furniture do you sell?

We produce both teak and resin outdoor furniture ranges in the latest styles. We offer our teak ranges in a variety of grades to meet certain prices points. All our wood is legal and kiln dried.

Do you produce machine made furniture

90% of the furniture produced in Indonesia is made by hand unlike China. Most buyers think that is made by machine but it is not. Most factories outsource the individual production of furniture to small co-operatives that specialise in different designs. There are thousands of these artisans scattered through out Indonesia. Once the furniture is produced it is then picked up and the final finishing, fitting and quality control is done in the factory.

How can I buy furniture from Bali

Buying furniture from Bali is very easy but the first thing you need to be aware of is that most of the furniture you see in Bali is made in Java and trucked over. The quality of the furniture you can buy from small business’s scattered thorughout Bali is of the lowest quality there is. The wood is illegal and not kiln dried. It is very cheap to buy but you will have problems with it later. Our factory in Java is fitted out with huge kilns and up to date finishing process’s.

Where can I buy homewares in Bali

We are a one stop shop when it comes to furniture and homewares. We work with hundreds of suppliers across Indonesia inclusive of Bali. Our catalogue holds hundreds of wonderful handicraft and homewares products.

Is Indonesian Furniture Good Quality

There are a variety of manufacturing companies offering different qualities. This is evidenced by price. Good manufacturers offer kiln dried legal wood. Side of road manufacturers supply illegal wood that is prone cracking. Finish’s are also very important, we use the best finish’s possible allowing the wood to breath. Cheap furniture suppliers use Malamine (illegal to import into some countries) this closes the grain which will cause problems in the future.