We have recently developed an additional live video service. This gives our buyers the ability purchase and ship containers within 2-3 weeks from time of purchase. There is a fee for this service which will credited off the proforma invoice upon confirmation of order.

As we are trade suppliers our showroom viewing is by appointment only. If you are visiting Bali please do not hesitate to email us at least three weeks before your arrival as our appointment schedule is normally quite full.

Our extensive and diverse catalogue holds hundreds of indoor and outdoor furniture options.

Yes we have relationships with a number of shipping companies in Indonesia. We can send out for a request for quote and then forward you the best quote on the day.


As our quality standards are quite high, our production time from order confirmation to order completion is around 8 weeks.



Yes it is. We provide all documentation for a smooth importation of your furniture inclusive of a FLEG certificate.

Category: PRODUCTS

As furniture manufacturers we do not hold stock. However, handicraft and decor items can at times be bought straight from our small co-operatives who may have excess stock. Antique furniture is also readily available for immediate purchase.

Category: PRODUCTS

As all our furniture and decor products are made by hand we have the ability to produce custom designs.

Category: PRODUCTS

As a additional service to our valued customers we have developed strong relationships with hundreds of suppliers of decor, lighting, natural,stone and terracotta products. We ship these products to our factory in Java and pack them with your furniture order.

Category: PRODUCTS


I am sorry we are unable to assist you as our quality standard meets global regulations and assurances.

Category: QUALITY

Yes all our manufactured teak, mahogany and suar furniture products are kiln dried.

Category: QUALITY

There are three quality levels in Bali. Buyers come to Bali and buy furniture from the side of the road from suppliers who do not own kilns, use inferior finishing products and produce furniture from illegal wood. This furniture is meant for local consumption only.  Our furniture is kiln dried, the wood is sourced from legal sustainable plantations and our finishing products allow our products to breath.

Category: QUALITY


Fuzen Decor Bali is a trade supplier only. We have minimum purchase quantities…..essentially no we do not sell to the public.

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