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are totally unique and just the thing for those of you who enjoy ethnic interior decorating with that special Asian eco-friendly feel. Balinese handicrafts blend useful designs with ethnic decorative elements, creating wonderful items, made completely by hand using simple tools by artisans who have honed their craft through  the generations. Fuzen Decor have been exporting wholesale handicrafts and homewares from Bali for the past twenty years and offer a one stop solution for sourcing eco-friendly and unique decor products. 

Bali Suar Slab Home Decor Handicrafts

Suar Slabs

Hot hot hot. Suar slab stools, coffee tables, bowls, pots and wall decor are so now. Rustic and primitive all in one go. Suar's grain is unique and full of life.

Bali Table Ware Suppliers Exporters

For The Table

Our massive on-line catalogue offers an extensive range of products made from natural rattan, wood or terracotta placemats, bowls, plates and baskets.

Natural Organic Handmade Baskets

Natural Baskets

Our stunning collection of handmade baskets are made from bamboo, Banana Leaf, Water Hycinth, Seagrass and Rattan are so hot right now.

Natural Handmade Rugs


Whether you are looking for natural or textile rugs you will be impressed with the large range of unique floor decor rugs in our large on-line catalgoue.

Bali handicrafts exporter suppliers


Carved by artisans from all over Indonesia. This range of primitive art offers unique decor pieces inclusive of furniture, pots and wall decor.

Bali Home Decor Products Suppliers


2021 hottest products of the year are produced using natural shells , creating some of the most beautiful decor pieces of the year


Everything in Indonesia is recycled, nothing is thrown away. The Balinese create wonderful functional pieces from Teak branch's.

Bali Wood Handicrafts Suppliers Exporters

Wood Decor

If you are looking for candle holders, wall carved panels, decor pieces, plates, bowls, buddha''s, animals and lists goes on. Talk to us

Bali Organic Natural Textiles


Gorgeous cotton cushions, throws and bed covers are made by hand by a team of women Co-Operatives who are passionatly dedicated .

Bali Lighting Rattan Cane Wicker Bamboo

Bali Lighting

You will find our curated selection of Rattan, Bamboo, Wood and Copper handcrafted lighting products are the perfect for any Boho room.

Bali Stone Statues

Stone Statues

We hand select the finest solid stone carvings available in Bali. The majority of carvings are of Hindu deities and traditional Balinese characters.

Bali Terracotta Pots


We have terracotta pots, cement pots, glazed pots, terazzo pots. The list is just massive. We have hand fired pots from 20cm to 200cm tall.

Our company represents a collective of amazing artisans striving to create unique handicraft and homeware products.

Bali has always been well known for woodcarving, but only among a small number of families who, for generations, have specialized in carving statues of Garuda—a winged dragon-bird from Hindu mythology. In the late 1970s and 1980s, the Garuda statues, as well as other Bali-Hindu carvings proved to be popular souvenirs among tourists who passed through the Bali. Today as demand increased, these artisans began training novices  to create a cottage industry that supports entire economically challenged communities.



We are trade suppliers only and do not sell direct to the public. AUSTRALIAN BUYERS: We presently have an exclusive supply contract in place and are unable to supply any new retailers at this time. We hope you understand. Have a great day 

Bali Antique Furniture

Balinese and Javanese Suppliers

Sourced from Java and Bali, Indonesian can magically transform any room or exterior space by adding a special warmth and an instant touch of the exotic. The timeless beauty and versatility of Balinese and Javanese antique furniture is such that it can work extremely well in almost any interior or garden design.

We need to add a disclaimer here: changes daily as we sell our products. The photo’s in this category are indicative  of the styles that we have sold in the past.  

Bali Antique Rustic Bench
Antique Outdoor Furniture
Bali Antique Carved Bench
Indonesian Antique Carved Furniture, Door, Fittings

Architecturally Javanese and Balinese carved panels and doors are not only are they functional but they are a work of art.  We work with a a number of suppliers who between them offer a large selection of original teak wood Joglo beams, teak wood pillars, teak wood carvings and old teak wood doors, and many of these antique pieces have the original paint still on them.  Original architectural elements and teak wood carvings are becoming scarce throughout Indonesia.  

Bali Antique Carved Cabinet

Antique Cabinets

Javanese Carved Sideboard Antique

Antique Sideboards

Balinese Antique Box

Antique Box's

Antique Carved Doors

Javanese Doors

Antique Console Tables

Antique Console 's

Bali Carved Antique Mirror

Antique Mirror's

Carved Bali Doors

Bali Doors

Bali Daybeds

Bali Daybeds

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Bali Hotel Motel Resort and Hospitality suppliers manufacturers

Teak, Mahogany, Suar Rustic Indoor Furniture


is highly sought after around the world. No other region in Asia has the ability to produce such an interesting and artistic range of products for the home. Balinese furniture is still mostly made by hand and its imperfections and character beautiful. As Manufacturers and Sourcing Agents we have the privilege of offering our valued customers a diverse and vast range of furniture designs at competitive prices.  Our designs are unique and also timeless. Register today to view our extensive catalogue. We work with a number of highly reputable suppliers from around Indonesia to ensure that we can supply a diverse range of quality products. Those of you who are buying your furniture and decor items from Bali – you really need to speak to us as we can save you thousands of dollars in shipping costs.

Bali Rustic Industrial Style Furniture Exporters, Man
Bali Rustic Teak Furniture Manufacturers
Indonesia Teak Dining Suite
Bali Re-Claimed Teak Furniture Suppliers
Bali Industrial Rustic Teak Furniture
Industrial Teak Furniture Indonesia

On trend for 2020-2021, Industrial Rustic furniture compliments a variety of decor designs. This range of furniture is produced from recycled or rusticated teak and paired up with steel. Sourced from Java and beyond. Some of the items listed in this section come from schools, old hotels and bars. Re-purposed and renewed. We also work with craftsmen who recycle and re-purpose used steel oil drums into amazing industrial designs. Recycled and re-purposed to use what industry has discarded and then it is turned into sturdy and unique furniture and furnishings.

Natural Teak Root Furniture

Our Teak Root furniture is produced from fallen teak trees and re-cycled into some beautiful unique pieces of furniture. In days gone by, these teak roots would normally have been burnt or discarded. Our catalogue has a wonderful selection of tables, chairs, occasional furniture and bench’s.  Teak root wood has a natural durability and oils which in turn means that it can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings. Externally, the rich golden tone weathers to more of a silver shade. Each each piece is handcrafted and totally unique. Wholesale prices assured.

Boatwood Furniture Lounge

As the name suggests, our Boat Wood Range is constructed from discarded planks from fishing boats that no are no longer in service.  The boards are retained in their in their original state and re-claimed. Their distinct finishes are kept in tact while the cleaning, sealing and straightening  are completed.  Local artisans then choose the best pieces of wood by checking the structual intregrity of each piece before setting off to create one off unique pieces of furniture.   Our catalogue offers both traditional and industrial designs.  This range is so colorful and interesting.

Scandinavian Dining Suite Setting

Retro style furniture is currently more popular than ever, either as a curated look or a blast from the past mixed in with other genres.Modernistic designs that emerged in the mid-20th century have been reborn in today’s modern interior designs.
Its simplicity and functionality trumps complex fleeting design trends. And the beauty of this style is that it can seamlessly be mixed up with other periods and styles.

Bali Suar Bench and Dining Table

Similar in visual style to Teak, Suar wood furniture is also known for its beauty and durability. However, because of its affordability and sustainability, suar wood is often used to create economical versions of Teak furniture. Unique to Suar are slightly more exaggerated grain patterns and thick slab top that can create some of the most stunning pieces of eye-catching Suar wood furniture. Suar wood furniture is also more sustainable than Teak furniture.  Be assured our Suar is 100% Kiln Dried.

Teak Lifestyle Furniture


Fuzen Decor Bali  and fine craftsmanship go hand in hand. Our furniture is not the result of random mass production; human hands have lovingly created every rounded corner and joint. Our furniture quality is the result of generations of knowledge and skill. Unlike mass produced furniture our Lifestyle Range is an eclectic mix of contemporary, ethnic and Boho styles with inherent imperfections. No two pieces of furniture are exactly the same.  100% Kiln dried.


Bali Cane Rattan Bamboo Furniture

Bali is unique in design and lovingly made by hand.

Bali Bamboo Furniture
Bali Cane Manufacturer, Suppliers, Factory
Bali Rattan Manufacturer, Suppliers, Wholesale
Bali Wicker Furniture Exporters, Suppliers

Natural materials are an ecologically friendly decor choice.

These exotic natural fibers, including cane, sea-grass, water hyacinth and banana leaves are ecologically correct, sustainable fibers bringing new life and texture to  woven furniture and contemporary decor.

Durable, beautiful and sustainable fibers that are smooth to the hand and naturally very attractive to the eye. The richly woven look of any of these fibers works well in a variety of room styles too, making them a good choice from a functional and contemporary design perspective.

Bali Teak and Rattan Cane Furniture
Bali Rattan Cane Chairs, Sofa, Tables
Indonesia Rattan Cane Furniture
Bali Wholesale Suppliers of Cane, Bamboo, Water Hyacinth and Abaca Furniture
Balinese Rattan Bed
Bali Rattan Cane Hanging Chairs Pods, Cushions-540

The natural beauty of Rattan,Wicker, Sea-grass and Bamboo offers eco-friendly options for both interior and exterior decor designs.

Generations of Balinese artisans have provided the world with amazing handcrafted furniture for decades. They have the ability to meet the unique needs of our customers creating individual bespoke furniture for hotels, motels and specialised projects.

We are exporters and sourcing agents and have been outfitted some of the most prestigious resorts around the world. As our furniture is all made by hand both in Java and Bali we are able to offer bespoke services to our clients. We also have an amazing range of natural handicrafts and homewares

With Fuzen Decor Bali you have the option to mix your container with a variety of materials

The vast majority of items we offer in our extensive catalogue are made in homes and smaller workshops. In many instances, the craft the artisans learned from their ancestors is either their livelihood or supplements their income from other activities such as farming.

We prefer to make an effort to improve the lives of these artisans by first respecting the time and effort they put into their work and, then, sharing their beautiful handiwork with the world.

Bali Indonesia Rattan and Steel Bistro Chairs, Furniture


Bali Outdoor Furniture



Bali Teak and Resin Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor synthetic is a highly popular outdoor product as it can withstand the forces of nature and still look amazing. Minimalist in design it compliments most decors. Made from lightweight aluminum framing and covered in a synthetic plastic rattan weave. Available in a large range of colors which hold fast for a long period of time and barely fade. As these products are handmade, we can of course produce customized shapes.

Indonesian Recycled Teak Outdoor Furniture
Reclaimed Outdoor furniture Teak
Recycled Reclaimed Teak Outdoor Bali

Reclaimed Teak Outdoor Range

We also manufacture outdoor furniture from reclaimed teak to meet the needs of those looking for outdoor furniture with more character than a-grade teak or any other wood that you would use to construct outdoor furniture with. Each piece has its own unique character and the inherent imperfections are what make such an amazing outdoor statement piece of furniture. The look is really spectacular. Every scratch, indent, hole and knot tell a story. These unique pieces are versatile and will compliment many outdoor spaces. 

Balinese Outdoor Teak

Reclaimed Teak Outdoor Range

We also manufacture outdoor furniture from reclaimed teak to meet the needs of those looking for outdoor furniture 

Balinese Outdoor Teak

Each piece has its own unique character and the inherent imperfections are what make such an amazing outdoor statement piece of furniture. The distressed look is really spectacular. Every scratch, indent, hole and knot tell a story. These unique pieces are versatile and will compliment many outdoor spaces.






Teak is a durable hardwood, making it the perfect material for outdoor furniture that stands the test of time. Teak outdoor furniture has the ability to withstand all types of weather. There are not that many woods in the world that contain natural oils that repels water, thus preventing it from warping or cracking. We produce our outdoor teak from A grade and B/C grade teak. A grade is the best quality in as far as it has minimal grain variances, knots or imperfections. Recently however our customers have been requesting outdoor furniture in B/C Grades as they are looking for that variance in grain and the subtle imperfections of this grade.


Viro Wicker is resistant to the outdoor elements. The fibers are shaped and hand-woven onto aluminum frames creating durable and beautiful outdoor furniture. It is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Viro is able to handle the degradation that comes with UV rays and salt water. 

Rehau is an high-end material. It has the natural appearance of rattan and feels natural to the touch. Rehau is highly resistant to the outdoor elements as well as being environmentally friendly. Rehau is UV resistant, strong and durable.  a new addition on the world wide circuit of polyethylene materials. 


Whether on the deck or next to the pool, Sunbrella fabrics provide the ideal combination of fashion, durability, and weather resistance. No other fabric has such a great track record of performing beautifully outdoors for years on end. After all, Sunbrella is the pioneer in performance fabrics and is known for standing up to the heavy-duty demands of marine and awning use. 

Sunbrella outdoor fabrics are engineered to resist mold and mildew. Should exposure to dirt and debris cause mold and mildew to occur, all Sunbrella fabrics can be easily and safely cleaned with bleach. Traditional dyeing processes only leave color on the surface of fiber, so they easily fade. Sunbrella fibers are saturated to the core with highly UV-stable pigments, making Sunbrella fabrics resistant to fading and the degrading effects of sunlight.


Our extensive outdoor catalogue has everything a resort or retailer needs.

Reproduction Furniture Indonesia


As Manufacturers and Exporters of Reproduction Mahogany Furniture produced from kiln dried wood we ensure that rigid quality standards are met during all process’s of production. We also keep abreast of trend changes and have started to produce our carved furniture from Rustic Teak Wood which gives the buyer a French Rustic Boho look.

Nowadays, a more eclectic range of furniture styles have become sought after. One can mix reproductions belonging to different eras, or just combine modern furniture with several reproduction pieces. This is why our customers come back to us time and again, our diverse range of furniture products satisfy a wide buying demographic. Mix these stunning decor pieces with our rustic ranges and you have an amazing retail floor. Your container does not to need be limited to one design.  

•Boho •Classic •Shabby Chic •Hamptons •Distressed •French Provincial

Indonesia French Provincial Chairs, Sofa, Tables, Accent, Beds


Consumers value things that are authentic and have a sense of handcrafted individuality in an tech-obsessed world.

With Fuzen Decor Bali you have the option to offer your customers a large range of handcrafted furniture in all the latest trends both in material, design and color.

Indonesia sofa's and chairs
Reproduction French Provincial Furniture
Traditional French Provincial Designs
Reproduction Dining Suites French Provincial
Manufacturers French Provincial Bedroom Furniture

Our French style is a timeless favourite that blends elegant carved and curved lines with natural or washed distressed teak.  Then add complimentary accents like rattan or the latest Burlap Hessian fabrics and you have something special.

The special thing about Indonesia unlike Countries that mass produce this style of furniture is that it is still made by hand using generations old techniques at very competitive wholesale prices.

Each piece is unique and is produced from Kiln dried, sustainable Mahogany or Teak. 

French Provincial Teak Distressed Table
Farmhouse dining table iNDONESIA
Teak Pedastal Table French

What's New

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Bali Hotel Motel Resort and Hospitality suppliers manufacturers

Bali Furniture Manufacturers, Bali Handicrafts Suppliers, Wholesale

Bali furniture is furniture with SOUL

Fuzen Decor Bali Furniture manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of lovingly hand-crafted quality kiln dried Teak, Mahogany, Mango, Sungkai, Mindi and Suar indoor and outdoor furniture. We also offer an amazing range of Rattan Furniture in the latest designs using the best eco-friendly finish’s and quality foams and fabrics. Hotel and Resort owners looking for that exotic Bali feel need to look no further. 

Bali also offers an amazing range of unique artisan handicrafts and homewares. Our greatest strength is our ability to offer our valued customers a diverse and extensive indoor and outdoor furniture collection and an amazing range of handmade homewares and handicrafts products. We also work with a variety of Antique dealers offering the best in Balinese Antique furniture and decor products. Our catalogue offers the most extensive and unique products available in Indonesia thus giving our customers the ability to mix your containers to maximize your landed cost.

Bali Furniture Manufacturers
Mix your containers with diverse range of furniture designs and products.

Everything is recycled in Indonesia, nothing is left to waste. Each piece of furniture is unique and totally crafted by hand

Our range of mid century vintage style furniture is manufactured to the highest quality using the best materials .

We produce luxury handmade, elegant and sumptuous furniture in traditional, rustic, shabby chic and coastal designs. 

Our on-line catalogue boasts hundreds of unique and stunning eco-friendly Rattan furniture designs. Hand made by Bali artisans.

Bali Suar Bench and Dining Table

Suar Slab

Suar furniture is still the number one timber for slab style furniture. Our kiln dried slab furniture range offers some stunning unique designs

We produce and export the latest designs in teak and synthetic rattan outdoor furniture.  

Rustic Teak Furniture Bali Balinese

Rustic Teak

Natural organic look and feel, our rustic teak furniture  offers the best and most extensive range available from Indonesia

Bali Fuzen Decor Showroom Teak Furniture Indoor and Outdoor
Bali Handicrafts 1

Boho Bali

Balinese Handicrafts are highly sought after worldwide because everything is still made by hand utilising natural materials.

bali handicrafts 2

Carved by hand

Individual villages in Bali are dedicated to one specific handicraft craftsmanship be it wood or stone carving

Rattan Lighting Bali


Made from natural locally sourced materials. Nothing gets wasted in Bali most everything is recycled into beautiful decor pieces

Balinese Cushions


Every day the Balinese are busy designing and producing new products to meet international decor trends and demands. 

Bali carved statues


Our catalogue is full of hundreds of amazing, unique handicrafts and homewares . Register today to access our  on-line catalogue

Retailers, Hotels, Resorts and Interior Designers we are your one stop solution when looking for a reputable furniture manufacturer who understands your quality expectations.

We offer our customers the ability to mix your containers with a exclusive and diverse range of furniture and home decor products. Register today to view our amazing on-line catalogue filled with the latest furniture and handicraft products available from Indonesia.

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You need to find a company that offers an amazing diverse range of furniture and homewares catalogue. That's where we come in. We have done all the hard work for you. We have long standing relationships with a number of homewares and rattan manufacturers.

Manufacturer Wholesale Furniture

We manufacture our solid teak, mahogany, suar, mindi and mango wood furniture which means we can offer our customers wholesale prices on quality handmade kiln dried furniture. But with our company our trade customers have the ability to mix their containers with a wide assortment of furniture and decor products.


Over the past twenty years we have developed solid relationships with Indonesian and International shipping companies. We can assist you with all your container logistics from Indonesia to your nearest port.

All Furniture Products are 100% Legal FLEGT Timber Certified



One of the few woods in the world containing a natural oil which repels watermaking Teak the number one choice for outdoor furniture.



Has a beautiful fine grain which is strong and distinctive. Mahogany is used in our French Provincial and Reproduction ranges.



Suar Wood is strong, durable with a light yellow sapwood and rich dark chocolate-brown heartwood. Poplular for thick slab furniture.

Mango Wood


Is classed as a hardwood because of its strength and density. Full of character due to its intense grain and of course very durable.

We use only the best materials and finishing products

When buying furniture from Bali or Java you need to be aware that there are three different quality levels. There are quite a few importers who have vowed never to buy Indonesian furniture again. And there is a reason for that!! Buyers jump into a car in Bali and drive around buying furniture from the side of the road at very cheap prices. They are unaware that they are buying furniture made from illegal, wet, untreated, young teak/mahogany sap wood. This furniture is meant for local consumption only. Level 2 furniture is made from B/C teak/Mahogany, kiln dried and sourced legally. Level 3 and the most expensive is Grade A Teak.
Viro Outdoor Furniture Materials
Ateja Sunproof Outdoor Fabric
Sunbrella Outdoor Furniture Fabrics
Rehau Resin Outdoor Materials
Impra Wood Furniture Finishing Products

Customer reviews

Maggie and Mac could not have been more helpful. They make the process so easy. Their catalogue range is extensive and they have the most beautiful styles to choose from. Something for everyone. Excellent prices, quality and service. I cannot recommend highly enough. This is a one stop for all of your decor needs. I would not think of going anywhere else.
Went to Bali on a mission to find a company that could help us refurbish our home. Met with these guys who gave us heaps of advice, decor styling ideas and had a fantastic catalog that spoiled us for choice. The showroom was stocked with some amazing pieces too.